Organisations that are interested in becoming an accredited member of BnEI should review the BnEI Code of Ethical Business Practice, the BnEI Framework and the BnEI Tools and Templates, detailed below. If they are willing to commit to becoming accredited they should contact the BnEI Chairman who will arrange for them to sign the Code. These organisations will have 12 months to undertake and pass the audit, at which time they will become a BnEI Accredited Member.

Eligibility criteria

Manufacturers and suppliers of components, equipment or services for use in the production of printed currency to be issued by central banks.

Accredited BnEI Members

    • Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited
    • CCL Secure
    • Crane Currency
    • De La Rue plc
    • G+D Currency Technology
    • KBA-NotaSys SA
    • Note Printing Australia Limited
    • Orell F├╝ssli Security Printing Ltd
    • Portals De La Rue Ltd
    • SICPA SA Security Inks & Solutions Division
    • SURYS

Organisations that have signed the Code

  • South African Bank Note Company (Pty) Ltd

Supporting Documentation